Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Being able to work again

Finally my study has been rearranged far enough to be able to enter it again and work. My daughter did some terrific work in arranging all my fabric - and that is quite a lot, believe me - and the other paraphernalia. Naturally her system is quite another one than mine. She arranged according to color, thus tearing apart collections for future projects I had maintained for months. But how should she know? So as a starter I took the trouble to search at least for the most important collections, for instance my latest Lonni Rossi fabric.
What she did really well was arrange my batic fabric according to colors, although unfortunately she mixed my hand dyed fabric in there as well... Oh well, I won't complain, she spent several days of her holidays up there.
After looking for my fabric I finally sat down and made three AMCs for an exchange. I wanted to use some raw silk with a very difficult green and ended up with three quite interesting cards. A foto, however, will only come up when the exchange is complete, because I am afraid that visitors of the blog might see their cards in advance.

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