Saturday, October 04, 2008

New book

Since I bought a Zutter bind it all I can make my own wirebound books! This is something I always wanted to do. It is a really great tool.
This book is for a friend of mine who has been my friend since school! So she is the oldest (with regard to friendship) and best friend, although we have been living about 200 miles apart for the last 15 years. But somehow, on the scarce occasions we meet (and we try to do so twice a year) we seem to able to pick up our conversation just where we left it. I can only show the cover, because I am afraid she might be looking at this blog on a regular basis. I will show the rest of the pages when her birthday is past.

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Beate Knappe said...

Zutter - schon wieder eine Gemeinsamkeit .-)))