Saturday, August 16, 2008


Just returned from a trip to lake Constance. On our way we visited an outdoor museum showing a large number of old farmhouses. Imagine, they dismantle the houses, transport them to the museum and build them again there! I love museums of this kind where you can see how people were living and working in the past. Mind you, I would not have wanted to live in that time! Most probably would have died giving birth to our oldest daughter. And it was an extremely hard time for women. Not only were they expected to cook, tend to their garden, work in the field, rear the children, spin, weave and sew the family's clothes, they also had to wait hand and foot on their husband. Definitely nothing for me! (I hate gardening.)
Surprisingly these people very lovingly decorated even everyday items. Somehow they found the time to stitch a border onto a skirt, to paint their trunks and cupboards. I wonder how they managed to find the time for that.
In the museum they actually raise pigs and cattle, they cook in the kitchens (would hate that, too, everything is extremely dark, I constantly knocked my head because rooms are so low, there is no running water and the oven produces not only heat but stinks as well.) I managed to make a photo from a pair of horses dragging an awfully long trunk, although my camera at that time was constantly warning of a low battery status and thus shutting itself off.

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