Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artful blogging

I stumbled upon a Stampington magazine that deals with blogging. Artful blogging at that. This is real eye candy - very interesting people and beautiful photos. Reading this made me think about blogs.
What makes you read a blog - and even better, go there again and again? Is it the photos? Is it because the blogger has the same hobby as you have? Do you seek inspiration? Is a blog more successful when the blogger offers more information on his/her private life?
I know what makes me follow blogs, but what is your motivation? Comments are highly welcome, perhaps I can then adjust my blogging style to what readers would like to see and read about.


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I like Artful Blogging, too. It makes me want to take some better pictures! I would answer yes to all your questions: photo, hobby, inspiration,personal info. I don't like reading too much about people's daily chores and errands, but love to get to "know" the blogger. And I really love tutorials! Great topic.

Christine Baier said...

Hey... I am also waiting for my publishing in this issue. Don't know when, but my article and photos are finished and send to Stampington in August. So I'm looking forward and wait!