Thursday, July 31, 2008

A scare at ebay

Sometimes you get really nice surprises when bidding at ebay. One of these days I bought a book for just 1 € - seems nobody else wanted it. I just wanted it to tear the pages out for my collages. (Uuups, I hope none of my books heard this....)
This evening I had a real scare. Lesley Riley was offering several Dover books with interesting illustrations for just a couple of dollars. I really wanted these and therefore made my bid. It was only after having done so that I realized that shipping from the US to Germany would be nearly 50 $! (More than double the amount of my bidding) Somehow I had thought that the price had included shipment - stupid me! Those were some very anxious minutes I waited for someone else to outbid me. It did happen at last, but only at the last second - boy was I grateful!
So everybody take a good look when buying something at ebay - shipment might be an issue.

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