Monday, May 19, 2008


This booklet is for my stepmother. My father and her invited my husband and me to a very expensive hotel. We stayed for four days and celebrated my father's birthday. I collected everything I could lay my hands on and made this booklet which includes photos, cutouts from the hotel's advertising folder as well as the daily menu and my guest card for instance. At the back I sewed our buttons into a small see through bag. I really hope she will like it.

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Elke said...

Hallo Angelika,

ich besuche Deinen blog sehr oft , bewundere Deine Kreativität und stopple mich manchmal recht mühsam mit LEO durch den Text. Kannst Du nicht zweisprachig schreiben? Wenn nicht, ich schaue trotzdem immer wieder bei Dir vorbei.

Leibe Grüße