Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friendship cushions

A new idea emerged some weeks ago at our art4car-list (which in reality has long since metamorphosed into a mixed media-list) - friendship cushions. They are about 4 x 4 inches, without any theme, filled with soft stuff and a piece of paper with words of love and friendship written on it.
The felted cushion is from Beate Knappe. It is immensely cuddley and in my favorite colors (how did you know, Beate?). However, I myself feel still strongly drawn to vintage style. The pink cushion with the photo on it is my prototype. It turned out to be about 0,5 inches too small. Turning it inside out and stuffing it costs more space than I recognized. So this will be a present for a friend, the others for the group swap will have to be a bit larger.
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Sara said...

I love the one with the photo. well, i love everything vintage!