Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tag book

Just realized that I did not show the tags I received in our tag swap - duh! Will have to do that.
This however is the tag book I sewed for those tags I received and sewed for myself since they were so much fun to make. However, I gave it away as a present to a member in the art4card group as a thank you together with some tags. Since I liked the book as it is I will make one with the same picture for myself.


Barbara said...

das ist ja mal eine geniale Lösung! Toll!

Angelika Westermann said...

Danke, aber das ist nicht meine Idee - die Anleitung war von Peggy auf der Art4Card-Liste!

Susan said...

Thank you so much for the very nice comment on my blog regarding my recent books. I've very much enjoyed browsing through your blog, reading about your tags, quilts, and seeing the scenery from your window and trip to France. The medieval inspired work is absolutely wonderful. You have a real knack at all things nostalgic. I love your color palette as well. Thanks for sharing!

Peggy said...

Na das ist ja ein tolles Tagbook geworden. Und du warst ja echt ein süßes Kindchen.

Angelika Westermann said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments, Susan. Coming from you this makes me really blush with joy!

Und Peggy - ich war bestimmt auch ein süßes Kind, aber das Foto ist antik und zeigt nicht mich :-)