Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Skinny book - first pages

These are the first two pages I made for the skinny book swap. I was not exactly looking for a theme but rather trying to meet the images to the mood of the background. Every page has to be an original - and there are to be 26 of them! So the last few days I have been browsing through my stash of fotos and transparencies as well as small charms in order to decide what to put on my pages. It is not easy for me, since collage is something I never did so far. But I like these first pages, they seem to have some kind of atmosphere. The left 1 1/2 inches have to be free from embellishments since that is the part where the book is to be bound.

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Andrea Bothe said...

Hallo Angelika,
das sieht super aus! Gratuliere ! Du macht total schöne Sachen.
herzliche Grüße