Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freehand cutting

This is a new exercise in freehand cutting. I like the look and even my family approves, which is not often the case. Especially my husband commented favourably - that is something I will have to mark in my calendar!
Since the whole thing went together rather quickly I will do a second one with even stronger constrasts - I chose mainly black background fabric and bought several fat quarters in very expressive red and orange hues. This should be even more expressive than the first try.
Somehow the colors remind me of a volcano, so the title will be "Lava" or "Magma" I think. Strangely while working on the first piece a format developed which I usually do not work in - this is a horizontal piece, while I usually make vertical ones.


Helen M said...

Gorgeous..........please tell me the process. Did you sew curves as Myrna taught us and then cut apart the pieces? The result is outstanding. You are really developing as an artist. And what to you think of your City and Guild courses.......worth it?

Angelika Westermann said...

Thank you, Helen, for your compliments! The process is very simple, I learnt it in a course with Heide Stoll-Weber. You take two rectangles (in this case 6 x 8"), lay one on top of the other (right sides up) and cut two waves (not too curvey, that leads to distorsions). Then you mix the two fabrics and sew the blocks, always alternating light and dark fabric.

The City & Guild courses are definitely worth both time and money. This is really, really extensive work. The first module was all about fabric, and there are 11 activities in this module. After that you really understand about color!

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

Der Quilt gefällt mir sehr. Habe heute erst gesehen, dass du mich nach dem Link gefragt hattes, aber dir wurde ja geholfen.
Ich habe mir die Schmuckstücke auf ihrer Seite schon angeschaut. Schön.