Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seems as if summer would come back, although rather tentatively. I do hope to have somewhat less rain the next three days. I will visit my DH (darling husband) at lake Genève. He plans a little journey into the Alps if the weather holds. The last time we tried that clouds were hovering about 10 feet above ground and it was pouring - I really would have preferred to stay in bed that day!
My study is nearly finished. My daughter will use it as her room again and therefore she threw my fabric trolleys out. She wanted something more elegant - I thinks she just didn't want to see how much money her mother is hoarding in the shape of fat quarters! I will set up a foto when everything is complete. I am very thankful that she did this for me, although there will be some hard times coming until I find my way around in her organizing system. At least I will be able to sew again next week. I get a little itchy when I have no access to my sewing machine for so long.